Getting Started with SnoopStick

Introduction: SnoopStick is a tool which allows you to monitor a computer for Web, IM, and Email Activity.  It has two components:

1. Software which is installed onto the computer you wish to monitor, which we will call the "Monitoring Software" below.

2. A log viewer/remote control, which allows you to connect to a computer the monitoring software is installed on, to view activity as it happens, and control some aspects of the computer.

The purpose of this page is to show how easy it is to install the Monitoring Software onto your child's/employee's/spouse's computer.

Step 1:

Insert SnoopStick into your computer's USB port.
Once you take SnoopStick out of it's packaging, take the cap off of the SnoopStick key.  You will see that there is a computer connector on the end.  This is known as a USB connector, which inserts into a USB port on your computer.

On most modern computers, there are some USB ports on both the front and back of a computer.  Usually, it is easier to use the ones on the front, and this is almost certainly what you will want to do for SnoopStick.

Step 2:

Run the SnoopStick Control Panel.
Once your computer discovers the SnoopStick, it will give it a drive letter, and show you the following screen.

If it asks you if you wish to open the drive and you are given a set of choices, choose "View Files and Folders".

Next, you will be shown a screen similar to the image below:

Make sure the computer you wish to put SnoopStick on is connected to the Internet at this point.

Double click on the icon that says "Run_SnoopStick".  This will take you to Step 3.

Step 3:

Updating SnoopStick

Before SnoopStick can start installing onto this computer, it must download the latest files from the SnoopStick website.  This ensures up to date monitoring capabilities. 

The update process will happen once a week after installation also, so you won't have to worry about staying up to date.

As the files download, you will see a screen like this:


Step 4:

Starting the Installation

Once the updating process is complete, the SnoopStick Control Panel will show on your screen, as shown below:

To begin installing SnoopStick, click on "Install SnoopStick", and choose "Yes" when it asks you if you would like to install now.  Again, make sure you are online.

Step 5:

License Validation
After your SnoopStick is deemed as being legitimate, you will be shown a license agreement screen, as shown here:

Click the check box that indicates you agree to the licensing, and click OK.

Step 6:

Choose a "Friendly Name"
Next, you will be shown the following screen:

This screen allows users to give a computer a "nickname".  If you have 3 computers with SnoopStick installed on them, you will be able to choose which one to connect to based on the "nickname".  You can also think of this as a screen name that each computer uses.

Step 7:

Wait for installation to complete.

Once you choose your Friendly Name for this computer, SnoopStick will begin installing.

When the installation is done, SnoopStick will let you know that it has finished.

Step 8:

Finish Up

At this point, SnoopStick is installed on the computer, and is ready to be checked from anywhere in the world! 

Notice in the configuration panel that the "Install SnoopStick" has changed to "Uninstall SnoopStick".  If you wish to uninstall SnoopStick from this computer in the future, click on "Uninstall SnoopStick" and it will be removed from this system.